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What You Crave vs What You Need


some gods start out bad


some gods start out bad


How can you tell the difference between an INFJ and an INFP?

this is a brilliant question! i’ve kept this in my inbox for a few days now because i wanted to stir up an informative answer (at least based on my subjective observations and connections!) infjs and infps are often hard to distinguish, and it’s interesting because they may come off as the opposite of what they are. infjs come off as more spontaneous whereas infps come as more rigid. infjs’ outer life tends to be organized in a spontaneous way, whereas infps’ outer life tends to be a mess in an orderly fashion (does this wording make sense?) i might’ve mentioned this in a question about a year back, where the infps’ minds are very much scattered and they try to compensate that by organizing their outer world. however, infjs’ minds tend to be uncluttered when it comes to tasks needed to be completed in a day, so they spontaneously, and subconsciously finish all what is needed to be done in a day without exerting too much cognitive effort or outward stress (note that i am talking about J/P towards behaviors, and not their actual thinking process towards all other matters, such as opinions, goals, dreams, etc)

we’ll start to look at similarities that they both have. both are artistic, both are writers, and both view life incredibly extraordinarily. they are infatuated with the divine, which gives rise to the fact that they are enthralled with psychology, philosophy, cultures, religions, spiritual practices, etc. they generally have the same goal, but it is how they reach it that differs. here are some notable differences that i’ve seen in both personalities that may provide some useful insight! this is not to say that what one observation i’ve seen in one personality lacks in the other, however, just that that personality veers more towards that aspect compared to the other (man that was wordy).

infj: interested in people and the universe
infp: interested in animals and nature

infj: more understanding of one’s perspective (ie: “why do you feel that way?”)
infp: more empathetic of one’s emotions (ie: “i know how you feel”)

infj: more interested in science, the mental/cognitive aspect, may go into the sciences for their undergrad
infp: more interested in healing, the mind/body connection, may go into feminist studies, anthropology, art history for their undergrad

infj: assertive
infp: passive 

infj: more interested in non-fiction books
infp: more interested in fantasy books

infj: detached
infp: distant 

infj: bubbly and energetic (bursts of energy)
infp: peaceful and calm (a constant lower energy)

infj: because their feeling function is Fe, may be upset if connections with others start to fade or if others are unappreciative of what they stand for in their friendship
infp: because their feeling function is Fi, may be upset if others don’t respect them as they should under their ideals or if people are jumping to conclusions based on how they live their life (Fi is basically personal integrity, their own personal integrity may jeopardize peacefulness in close relationships because they regard being true to self much more important than the friendships around them)

infj: more likely to be verbally harsh
infp: more likely to be selfish through actions

infj: confident in what they believe in
infp: (unless their Si is developed) wishy-washy, uncertain, may need proof of what they feel and think  

infj: feeling misunderstood by the patterns they see
infp: feeling misunderstood by the ideals they have 

infj: because of their Ni/Se, outwardly expressive of their individuality (fashion, decorations in their house) it is the idea of “i am a representation of … “
infp: retain uniqueness in the way they view life and feel the individualism in environments, objects, people, writings, etc., it is the idea of “i think, therefore i am”


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Cat quacks when his owner coughs

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I want this on a shirt

okay but i was on red bubble yesterday and found this and then today i saw this post you are welcome



I want this on a shirt

okay but i was on red bubble yesterday and found this and then today i saw this post you are welcome

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Kohei Nawa.

For an installation piece at the Aichi Triennale, Japanese artist Kohei Nawa used foam to give visitors the sensation of walking through the clouds at night:

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Lucas Anderson


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Aka “Lalna learns how to communicate with people. But only slightly.”

(Lalna offering to take the pink backpack reminded me of back in her early apprenticeship days with him and he clearly didn’t know not all girls liked pink scented candles. Good times.)

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